On-board Solutions

Whether new or renovation project, the modular structure of Mitron system offers the best fitting on-board solution for trains, trams and metros.

Mitron is an internationally acknowledged specialist in IP based on-board systems for trains, trams and metros. Our products extend from displays and individual products to comprehensive passenger information systems for public address, intercommunication, CCTV and entertainment.

Combining open technology, modular architecture and railway-proof design, our solutions make the preferred choice for both new vehicles and refurbishments.

 Mitron On-board solutions are part of Teleste end-to-end rail solution.
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Modern - yet proven - technology

We develop our hardware and software technologies in line with the industry's expectations for high quality and a long lifetime.
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Feel the trust

Whether you need a display, sub-system, or comprehensive passenger information system, we provide solutions that meet your specific requirements.
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Passion for lifetime partnerships

Mitron is your reliable partner, if you need a solution for new vehicles, vehicle refurbishment or service for your installed solution.
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Engineered solution

Mitron has a comprehensive offering of standard hardware and software products.
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Mitron was one of the first in the world to provide a genuine railway-proof IP based solution.
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Mitron On-Board Solutions

With Mitron, your on-board passenger information is always on time.
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Alstom Coradia Meridian Trains, Trenitalia, Italy

Mitron has supplied public address, intercommunication, display and CCTV systems for 70 Coradia Meridian trains in Italy.
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