Railway Solutions

Dedicated to railway information management.

Whether at railway or metro station, Mitron will provide the best information management and display solutions.

With our modern display solutions and passenger information systems, Mitron can provide integrators and network operators with real-time information at stations.

Mitron Railway Solutions are part of Teleste Rail solution.
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Expertise in railway and metro stations

Mitron can offer specialized knowledge to railway and metro networks, to provide them with the best information management and display solutions for their stations and platforms.
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Modern display technologies

The modern TFT LCD, LED and LCD display technologies are specially designed for demanding environments.
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Information management systems

Our information management system enables you to control displays, announcements, train detection, video surveillance, diagnostics and other services easily through one interface, which can be located anywhere in your network.
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Partner network

Our worldwide network of specialized, local partners ensure that expert help is never too far away.
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Download brochure

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Deutsche Bahn, Germany

Mitron has delivered nine hundred LED displays to railway stations across Germany.
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